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About Us

Value Added Advisors

We value businesses, business interests, securities, and all types of intellectual property. The focus of our services is primarily for all types of manufacturers and distributors. See a partial list of our success stories (See Testimonials) as an example of what we offer you. We work with individuals, companies, financial planners, investment bankers, private equity groups, attorneys, and CPAs on behalf of their client's valuation issues as mentioned above.


What is different about our practice and why we can help you in a unique way is this; with the years and depth of experience that we have, we are able to bring objectivity to see immediately the degree to which your expectations can be met. Most all valuation engagements are complex; They require customized valuation analysis to show the value for the purpose of the engagement. We build, establish and defend value, while meeting the scrutiny of the financial community and legal system.

Reaching a Deal

Gil Ostrick (CPA, CVA)

Founder and Principal

Gil is a CPA who has a deep and varied background both in public accounting and private industry, giving him a unique insight into business, their operations, and valuation issues. Gil for the past 30 years was a partner in mid sized CPA firms as well as his own firm for 13 of those years. Gil has performed valuations for mergers, acquisitions and sales, Estate and Gift reporting, Built in Gain on C to S conversions and other valuation engagements. Types of businesses range from manufacturers and distributors such as consumer products companies, apparel firms, industrial products, medical equipment and devices firms.


Gil graduated from the University of New York in Accounting & Finance. Gil has been more than a traditional CPA or CVA. Gil has also been a corporate controller of a publicly held manufacturer with ten operating divisions. He has performed due diligence on 30 acquisitions for a Fortune 500 company as well as private industry. All this experience provides assurance that you will have a sustainable advantage while meeting the compliance of the financial community. This experience allows us to be thoughtful and thorough in preparing transparent and persuasive reports to meet your expectations.

The Principal Gil Ostrick has a support staff of CPA’s, certified valuation analysts and MST(tax) personnel to assist in business valuation and advisory services.


Steve Post CPA, CVA, MST, Weiss Accountancy performs complicated valuations in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, and service companies. He does estate and gift tax, all tax valuations, and best tax strategies for M&A deals.


Soheil Rabbani CPA, MST, is an accomplished tax professional specializing in tax planning to maximize sell side price and for buy side get the highest cost basis for the transaction.


Tracy O’Connell, CPA, CVA has private company experience as a corporate controller. We met at Weiss Accountancy where she and Steve did valuations for consumer product companies, and industrial B to B entities under my supervision as head of the valuation department.


All three have 18 or more years strong experience. Soheil and Tracy worked for Deloitte LLP for several years. Steve is a UC Berkley graduate.

Let's Meet

"We ask insightful questions and listen to you to determine what's critical to your success. We're a small and growing valuation firm. We look forward to meeting you and helping with your current project. We would very much like to help you, please contact us"

Gil Ostrick, Principal Value Added Advisors

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