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Recent Success Stories

Successfully concluded complex consumer products company with no earn outs. Transaction had an enterprise price of $34 Mil less debt paid to eliminate bank and some equipment debt. Price included synergies to EBITDA multiple paid in all cash deal.

Performed 3 valuations for corporate decision making and succession planning strategy to orderly transfer control of majority shareholder's interest in the company to his children plus a key employee. The company executed the plan once they understood the value drivers that made the succession plan work. The majority shareholder has referred additional business our way over the years.

We did several valuations related to getting rid of underperforming working shareholders. As a group these fractional interests were about 30%. We helped the CEO and COO with paying off these dissident and difficult working shareholders. The above two shareholders were very happy with how our valuation reports led to a successful conclusion.

We have over fifty other transactions for the sale of all or part of business entities to competitors, private equity. We know investment bankers, debt and equity providers of capital to achieve your goals.

"Thank you Gil for sorting out all the critical issues in the due diligence process of selling our company for 6 times EBITDA multiple on $60 million in sales revenue to a nationally known private equity firm. Your quality of earnings report was negotiated successfully and the deal closed quickly and the all price was wired to us immediately."

Leo and Patti Elinson on the sale of our company

"Thank you Gil for the client you referred to me. You made transparent the issues involved and the weakness in the oppositions case."

Joe Coyne, Attorney.

"Gil you did a great job settling our shareholder dispute with our 1/3 third partner that resulted in a buyout that all 3 of us could live with. Our partner was very difficult yet we settled for a reasonable price and terms to conclude the buy out."

Danny Zilberberg and David Tashroudian, Owners

"Gil thanks for you for the outstanding valuation job for gifting minority shares that maxed out the $23.4 million IRS exemption and sale of the balance to our trust which froze the asset basis."

Dalia Hadari, CFO and 50% shareholder of online direct to consumer company

"Gil your vast knowledge in how to maximize selling price, how to successfully prepare for sale to avoid valuation gap, and how to run and grow a business including pivoting during the pandemic or other down turns were compelling recorded pod casts on or pocket experts .The team at PocketExpert.Solutions has named Gil Ostrick as one the few experts involved with us that are well known at NACVA and our industry."

Mark Kucik, Pocket Experts Solutions Inc.and alliance with NACVA (national association of certified valuation analysts)

"Gil your deep knowledge of the M&A process was very impressive."

Jacob Orosz, Principal at Morgan Westfield an M&A Firm

"Gil and I Know each other for over 12 years and he always meets client expectations, is timely and priced reasonably . We have done at least 12 valuations and some clients used Gil more
than once."

Jacob Stein, Attorney

"Gil you were the quarterback that explained the value of the estate and helped resolve the difficult issues that settled the monetary trustee and beneficiary claims."

Steve Hogan, Estate, Trust and Probate Attorney

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