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  • Why do you need a valuation (independent and unbiased)?
    ✓ To get the best price. ✓ Need someone to manage the due diligence process with the buy side team, to prevent surprises or "dirty laundry" from popping up that could kill a deal.
  • Why Should l use Value Added Advisors?
    ✓ To help sellers get the best price/terms. ✓ We have a track record of closing deals within 45 days after the buyer has done their due diligence. ✓ We have worked on the buy side due diligence for over 100 transactions.
  • When Should I Contact Value Added Advisors?
    ✓ When you are considering selling and need a valuation to see if there is a gap in value related to discussions with market participants (financial buyers versus related industry buyers who will offer a premium). ✓ Develop strategies, tactics, management assessment to execute with better people, activities, and information system to increase cash flow and multiples of value (EBITDA, or cash flow to equity). ✓ If there is no valuation gap, a calculation of value is performed to make transparent customer retention, growth, return on sales, operating trends, investment trends and internal controls to mitigate operating or financial risk. We show your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses and point out opportunities in industry trends. ✓ Sellside valuations are calculation of value which is less than a full valuation but adequate for buy/sell decision making. ✓ Sellability score – see where you stand for a business purchase.
  • Are you Buying a Business?
    ✓ Due diligence to see if the seller’s operation is worth the risk and the proper return on your investment, EBITDA, or cash flow multiple. ✓ Tax consideration to maximize deductibility of purchase price. ✓ Purchase price allocation to execute the tax consequence of the transaction. Also structuring terms of the transaction for proper tax and accounting treatment in compliance with IRS. ✓ Help you get the financing to close the transaction.
  • Business Valuation Considerations
    ✓ Capturing synergies. Our operational due diligence process helps you identify anticipated synergies, prevents grid-lock and maximizes operational key value drivers in your organization. Without careful consideration, the prospective synergies may not otherwise increase shareholder value in a timely manner. ✓ Exit planning strategies. The effort of planning to sell your business requires advisors that can structure the tax, due diligence, valuation, legal, and financial reporting issues. We have the team in place with the right mix of experts needed above to make the sale process a success story you can tell your friends about.
  • How to Sell Your Business - For What it is Worth at its Maximum Value:
    Valuing business operations, business interests, assets, including intangible assets that drive value. Value Added Advisors has 35 years of experience helping buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their priorities on their business and personal investment goals. We do this by understanding your expectations and taking the care, persistence, and relentless preparation of executing the strategy that shows the strengths and opportunities in your company and industry niche while mitigating the threats and weaknesses that are obstacles to stabilized earnings and growth. Our unique experience in top positions in industry handling due diligence and financial issues affecting how entities operate allows us to solve complex valuation issues for your customers. This combined with large public accounting and tax experience along with the skill sets to recognize if you can hold off selling or buying until the operation is structured properly with the right people doing the right activities to deliver maximum results to your customers. With over 100 transactions, we have helped more investors achieve more instant wealth than other financial advisors. Our niche is manufacturers and distribution companies, medical devices, and complex service entities. We also have specializations in food, beverage, apparel, and other consumer products like beauty and cosmetics. Setting up the appropriate internal controls over your operations and the best financing sources to achieve your goals, management reports to measure profitability for product lines, salesmen, and customers. We have the unique experience to develop the most practical strategies to grow your revenues, cut your costs, and set up controls to monitor what is happening in your business on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. While we are not for everybody, we like to work with motivated, passionate owners who need help in articulating and developing an organization that wants to achieve results that last rather than the uncertainty of not knowing how to get your goals met because of perceived obstacles. Buyers primarily purchase transparent well run businesses with growing sales/earnings and a distinctive competitive advantage that can weather economic conditions. We will help you achieve this.
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