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Business Valuations

And Business Growth Advisor

Guiding business owners with a supportable valuation to prepare for a sale in advance of exiting your business. We help you maximize your equity value, have more confidence in making investment decisions, and mitigate risk. 

Welcome To Value Added Advisors

Business Meeting

The principal is Gil Ostrick, a CVA with 40+ years of experience in corporate finance and business valuation who has a highly qualified support staff of CVA's, CPA's and masters in taxes. 


Our primary services include:

Mergers, acquisitions, buy, sell valuation and consulting engagements


Dissenting shareholder actions


Estate and gift taxes, Built in gain tax when converting from a C to S corporation or pass through entities

Our Services

We specialize in the valuation of privately owned companies, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies and other types of businesses and business interests. We perform confidential business valuations for mergers, acquisitions, buy and sell transactions, for all types of manufacturers and distributors with sales volumes from $10 to 100 million.


We are thoughtful, thorough, with focus, determination and persistence to establish, build and defend our valuations. Our goal is to meet your expectations while meeting the scrutiny of the IRS, the SEC, and the private equity, banking and legal communities.

We make company issues transparent and easy to follow based on the underlying assumptions.

We use sophisticated valuation methodology to support difficult to value transactions.

Business Meeting

Why Choose Us

Our uniqueness that others cannot match is our experience in working directly inside privately held and publicly held manufacturers and distribution companies - with multiple divisions and operations spread over multiple locations. This experience has lead to a greater understanding of the intangibles that can drive the value of a company, and improves our ability to articulate that value.


The understanding of a company goes beyond ratio analysis and spreadsheets. Most business valuation firms only know their expertise through reading valuation literature and using this approach to prepare their valuations. We cover both sides, and truly comprehend customer retention, branding, growth, risk, strategy, markets and competitive market share.

Our specialty is providing sellers with pre-deal due diligence services for quality of earnings EBITDA to normalize earnings stream, reconciling market multiples for similar transactions, and estimating working capital target amounts to maximize your selling price net of income taxes.


We help sellers avoid deal breakers as well as a compelling narrative on the key value drivers that maximize the selling price. On the buy side we evaluate after the due diligence process the appropriate return on the investment for the risks.

Valuation Added Advisors at Work

We start with insightful questions, listen, and then work with relentless persistence to accomplish your expectations with credible sustainable results. You can visit or to listen to pod casts on how to maximize value for M&A, other exit planning strategies, and how to run or grow your business to increase equity value.


In addition to M&A due diligence and valuations for corporate decision making we routinely perform shareholder dispute resolution resulting in a buyout for lack of performance, and estate and gift tax problems. This enhances the go forward strategy for the Company’s remaining shareholders. In most cases the dispute is settled where everyone is relatively happy with the buyout terms and price. 


We performed estate and gift tax valuation with discounts that resulted in no audits for our clients. The clients included some well known companies and shareholders that took advantage of gifting minority interests that met the clients expectations and also complied with IRS regulations and scrutiny.


"Thank you Gil for sorting out all the critical issues in the due diligence process of selling our company for 6 times EBITDA multiple on $60 million in sales revenue to a nationally known private equity firm. Your quality of earnings report was negotiated successfully and the deal closed quickly and the all price was wired to us immediately."

Leo and Patti Elinson on the sale of our company

"Thank you Gil for the client you referred to me. You made transparent the issues involved and the weakness in the oppositions case."

Joe Coyne, Attorney.

"Gil you did a great job settling our shareholder dispute with our 1/3 third partner that resulted in a buyout that all 3 of us could live with. Our partner was very difficult yet we settled for a reasonable price and terms to conclude the buy out."

Danny Zilberberg and David Tashroudian, Owners

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